Acknowledge your overwhelm. Gain clarity on where to hold focus on. Activate your compassion, curiosity and accountability.


Get in touch with the hurt and powerlessness beneath the struggle faced. Let go of what no longer serves you.


Unbecome what is not of your own choosing. Connect to your inner compass and allow it to guide you.


Practice the freedom of choice. Feel the rise up to your potential.


Arrivé à la quarantaine, j’avais besoin de quelqu’un pour m’aider à redonner un sens à ma vie alors que je m’étais un peu perdu en chemin. Halima a joué un rôle primordial en m’aidant à dénouer les noeuds et à retrouver le fil de mon existence. Son empathie, son énergie positive, sa capacité à écouter et à guider sans juger font d’elle une très grande professionnelle dans son domaine. Je recommande à quiconque qui aurait «perdu le chemin» de s’adresser à Halima qui pourra l’aider à le retrouver.

DB, 47, Almere

Ik heb Halima ervaren als een integere, rustige therapeute met empathisch vermogen en liefde voor haar vak en de mens die ze voor zich heeft. Ze is er echt om die mens verder te helpen. In de gesprekken bood ze een luisterend oor en legde de vinger op de gevoelige plek. Ze was lief maar durfde ook te confronteren. De sessies hebben mij in een relatief korte tijd een heel stuk verder geholpen. Ik voel me lichter, blijer en steviger in mijn schoenen staan. Wat er per sessie behandeld werd kon ik mede bepalen afh van mijn prioriteit op dat moment, H. hield de grote lijn en het programma in de gaten. Dat vond ik erg prettig.

NK, 50, Amsterdam

Working with Halima has been a transformative experience. I felt comfortable talking to her freely from our first session and gradually increased the frequency of my sessions as I noticed tangible results.  Her compassionate candor and ability to make one leave a session feeling empowered has made me commit to working with her, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a proactive, action-oriented approach to living their best lives! Her sessions are not a typical talk session and she will also give you actual strategies that you can easily integrate in your routines and still see a radical shift.

RK, 33, Amsterdam

I worked with Halima in 2020. She is the most kind and compassionate therapist. With her calm and reassuring presence, she provides the perfect safe space to embark on the transformative and healing benefits of inner work. For me, it has truly been a life changing journey which I’m so deeply grateful for & it’s a journey which I very much look forward to continuing.

SC, 41, Amsterdam

Working with Halima brought me further to myself. She manages to ask me the questions that I need. I honour her full presence and individual approach - looking into what is needed right now, in this very moment. Her authenticity and vivid way of using metaphors for explaining complex matters help me; to grasp what I need to know, to take one step after the other on my personal journey called life.

VS, 31, Utrecht